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No Ticket. No Hassle.

SMS Valet® by TEZ takes your Valet to the next level. The NEW Valet Technology is as easy as 1-2-3:

Customer checks with valet and receives a Welcome Text.

Customer requests their vehicle by replying to text message.

Their car is ready when they arrive to the valet stand.

SMS Valet gives us new insight to our operation. I can see what’s going on without even being there. Moving to ticketless has dramatically changed how we do things.

Greg Gardner

Jack Boles Parking   |   Dallas, Texas

SMS Valet™ is the first fully ticketless solution.


TEZ introduces valet technology that eliminates paper tickets by using text messages to connect the customer with the valet. Imagine the satisfaction your guests receive when they do not have to keep up with a paper ticket and can request their car via text message instead of waiting in a line. Our ticketless text message solution has option to connect a Bluetooth printer for instances when a printed ticket is necessary.


Our valet technology is an app that runs on Android 4.0 devices like Google Nexus 7 or Samsung Tab 2. You supply the devices yourself and install our valet technology app for free.


While other valet technology solutions allow customers to text message valet or use a button device with limited range, TEZ uses no paper and the convenience of the customer’s phone to give them unlimited range and extra convenience.


Our valet technology offers online reporting which gives operators instant online access to see how many cars are currently parked on a lot or daily totals of all operations. You will also be able to monitor which employees parked and retrieved the vehicle and times parked at your location.


The end-of-shift reporting will give managers the ability to monitor revenue generated and what should be collected from cash, credit cards and validations. TEZ will help decrease revenue skimming and give you a picture to your operations.


SMS Valet® by TEZ is a ticketless text message solution that is fully paperless and automated system. The customer convenience is unmatched and the savings to your operation is incredible. TEZ offers the ultimate in valet technology. Giving you a NEW way to Valet.

Who is TEZ?


TEZ (or Totally EZ) is committed to customer satisfaction. We create hybrid solutions to everyday problems using simple mobile technologies combined with hardware solutions. These tools will streamline operations, increase efficiency and improve the overall guest experience. The owners of TEZ have combined experience for 75 years in the healthcare and hospitality industries, including restaurant, hotels and resorts. This experience gives us insight in the issues operations of any size face daily, and by collaborating with our internal engineering and software experts, we bring to market cutting-edge systems that plug these holes and enable our customers to deliver a superior guest experience.


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