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SMS Valet® Makes Complimentary Valet Service Even Better

There’s no better price than free! Everyone loves getting something for nothing, so offering complimentary valet service to guests at casinos, hotels, and shopping malls is a great way for establishments to create better guest experiences. Allowing customers to drop off their vehicle at the curbside gives them the VIP treatment right from the start [...]

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Technology With a Human Touch: Valet Services Make Travel Fun Again

Have you met Stan? He works at Paris’ Charles De Gaulle airport, and he can park your car while you’re there. In fact, he has parked over 30,000 cars this year. All you have to do is drop your car at a specified location, and he will do the rest—getting your car to a safe [...]

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Paperless Valet a Selling Point for Developers

When looking to develop real estate, it’s important to consider the current needs of potential buyers. With increased population and traffic patterns, parking is definitely an important concern. Whether it’s in a crowded parking lot in the suburbs, or a busy street in an urban district, parking is a headache. Large cities, or those with [...]

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What is SMS?

Do you text? Of course you do. But have you ever really thought about how texting works? You’ve probably heard the terms SMS and MMS, especially if you’re buying a new smart phone, but you may not know exactly what they mean. MMS stands for Multi-Media Service. It can be used to send photos and [...]

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Ticketless Technology Powers Results for Platinum Parking and Crescent Property Management

The valet is the first and last impression and subpar service can completely derail the customer’s entire experience. Traditional valet is a cash-based system trying to succeed in a digital world. Providing an outdated and subpar solution can ruin the guest experience. That’s why Platinum Parking, a premium parking and valet service operator in Texas, [...]

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Valet Brings Peace and Joy to Holiday Shopping

Amongst the to-do lists, travel prepping, and cooking for family, the holidays are a busy, bustling time of year. There are perfect gifts to be found, and the hunt is on to check off everything on their wish lists. This year, retail forecasts are predicting an estimated 4.5% in growth, and for consumers, leaving the [...]

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Integrating Technology Can Turn Valet from a Headache to a Pleasure

From hotels to hospitals, the first impression of any location starts with parking. If your hotel’s event can turn the valet experience from a headache to a pleasure, your visitors will start and end the night in the best possible mood. Integrating wireless technology into your valet system can streamline the experience for both clients [...]

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What Kind of Impression Does Your Valet Service Make?

Imagine the scene. It’s a beautiful summer evening and a happily married couple pulls their brand-new BMW up to the front curb of an upscale steakhouse. As they exit the car and hand the keys to the valet, they both can’t help but notice that he seems a little distracted and somewhat rude. This small [...]

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Going Green Burgeons in the Middle East

Sustainability isn’t just some passing fad. Rather, this concept of preserving the natural environment so that it continues to support future generations has become an evolution that is sweeping across the world, and the Middle East is no exception. Established in Abu Dhabi in 1981, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a regional political organization [...]

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National Parking Association Convention & Exposition


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